Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial weekend!!!

So I had a pretty eventfull weekend. It started Thursday I had a few friends over to swim at my apartment we had a blast! Friday we did the same and played a little water volleyball of course i won:) Saturday I just worked then stayed at Ashley's because her and James and the girls went to Dallas. I got up early Sunday to go to Dallas also with my mom and little sister Amanda and my grandma it was an interesting trip I got to see my cousin graduate it wasn't a normal graduation it was pretty neat though. Monday I spent the whole day at the pool and now im lobster red but i can't wait til it turns into a tan!!! yay! Today I found out that I was going to be a bartender at work I am super excited about that, work will probably be alot more fun now I hope so anyways:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My first blog!

OK this is my first blog and im super excited... I'll just fill yall in on the past few days. Thursday after work I decided to cook for pretty much the first time, I asked my sister Ashley for a recipe and she gave me one for Manicotti. I must say it was declicious, I had a few friends over they tried it and loved it then we went swimming at my apartments it was a ton of fun! Cooking makes me happy! I feel good when it turns out good:) So if anyone has recipes that I could try let me know I would love to try new things! Friday and Saturday I didn't do much but work no fun. Sunday was a blast I went to Tiffany and Zach's for their bar-b-que. It was so much fun we had hamburgers and played horseshoes and swam. I went with Ashley and Jay and the girls. I got to see Rosie and Derek which is always fun, it was a good time. Monday I went fishing which is my new favorite hobby! Two of my really good friends Haley and Nikki went and me and a guy Justin we went to Haley's houseboat on the marina and didn't have too much luck the first 3 hours we were there but then around 8:30 we started catching fish left and right, well everyone but Justin. I thought it was kind of funny the only guy there didn't catch a fish! He got ragged on all night long:) It was fun the girls caught a total of about 25 fish! And last but not least today Ashley my mother and the girls were supposed to come over and swim, but we can't seem to keep our plans for swimming, Ashley forgot my dad was supposed to come get Avery to spend the day with him so instead me Haidyn my mother and Ashley are all going to luch then im going to work yippee!!!